Student Impact and Research

Graphic: Collage of photos illustrating WSU Global Campus student activities.

Empowering students to impactfully engage

Providing a transformational student experience is at the core of WSU Global Campus’ mission. Because our students are not on a physical campus, their access to laboratories and technology to facilitate research, may be significantly limited. However, key partnerships with industry and funding for travel and technology has the potential to create engaging and transformational learning opportunities for our students.

A key part of what makes WSU Global Campus unique is the ability to have a holistic, transformative learning experience from anywhere in the world. It’s our goal to maximize involvement and research opportunities that enrich students’ lives.

WSU Global Campus is a national leader in providing innovative and enriching student services and student co-curricular opportunities. By providing funding for travel, laboratory resources, and technology connected with industry and employers, Global Campus students will have opportunities to participate in important research initiatives which will further their education and enhance their employment potential.

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