Computer Security

Protect Your Computer

The following are some recommendations for creating your own technology backup plan, to protect yourself from technology failure.

  • Keep your computer secure: Information Security Guidelines
  • Create a folder on your computer for each online course you are taking. Keep all work associated with that course, including copies of your discussion posts, in the folder.
  • Back up your work (including submitted assignments, discussion posts, group documents, etc.) externally to your computer using cloud storage, such as One Drive, Dropbox, Google Documents, or a USB/flash drive.
  • Identify a back-up computer you can use should yours go down.
  • Identify a “buddy” who can let you know what you may be missing online.
  • Keep all contact information for your instructor in an easily accessible place.
  • Be Alert for Suspicious Emails and Phishing Scams
  • Keep Global Campus Tech Support information external to your computer:

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