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Photo: Happy graduates at commencement ceremony.

UCORE and Other Graduation Requirements

Along with the requirements of your major and college, WSU requires all undergrad students to complete a general education component, called UCORE. If you have an approved transferable associate’s degree, most of the UCORE requirement may have already been met.

College of Arts and Sciences Additional Requirements

Applicable to Global Campus students majoring in Criminal Justice, Social Sciences, Humanities or Psychology

All students, including community college transfer students with an approved transferable AA degree from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona or Hawaii, or students pursuing a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences, will be held to the following additional requirements:

  • Foreign Language: Complete 2 years of high school or 1 year of college in a single foreign language.
  • Additional 3 semester credits of [SSCI,] [HUM], or [ARTS] for a total of 12 semester credits of UCORE.
  • Additional 1 lab credit of [BSCI], [PSCI] for a total of 8 semester credits and 2 labs.

Writing Proficiency Requirements

Graduation requirements that all students must complete:

  • University Writing Portfolio/Qualifying Exam
    Students must satisfy this requirement once they have earned 60 credit hours
  • Writing in the Major [M]
    Required for all majors—6 credits

Minimum University Graduation Requirements

  • 120 total semester credits (or total credits for a specific degree program)
  • 40 upper-division (300/400 level) semester credits
  • 2.0 overall minimum cumulative grade point average
  • Completion of the UCORE, Writing Proficiency Requirements, and College Requirements
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