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Washington State University Global Campus

Fall 2020 Ways to Take Courses from a Distance


Distance delivered courses offered at WSU physical campuses fall semester 2020 are structured somewhat like a traditional class. You will have at least one opportunity each week to interact synchronously with your instructor at the scheduled class time. You will use your computer with a built-in or external camera to join the Zoom class session. You will see your instructor and classmates and they will see you. You will participate in any number of learning activities such as lectures, discussions, group projects and presentations. Your computer needs to meet minimum technical requirements. Your classmates will be other WSU students from your campus and you will have a chance to start meeting new people and building friendships in your classes, just like you would if you were attending classes on a physical WSU campus.

Completely online courses offered through WSU Global Campus require more self-motivation and discipline because there isn’t a set time for you to attend class. You should establish a routine study schedule and log in to the virtual course space on a regular basis. You will engage with course content in the virtual learning space, but because the course isn’t set at a specific time and it’s not set up as a video class you will not see anyone in the virtual space but you will still interact with your instructor and fellow students. Depending on the course and the subject, you can anticipate a variety of learning activities including reading content within the course space, textbooks or curated web content, participating in discussion boards, viewing videos, team projects, and writing papers. Your classmates will include WSU Global Campus students. Many WSU Global Campus students are adult learners (average age of Global Campus students is 31).

Intercampus Enrollment

Intercampus Enrollment allows students to take all of their courses for a semester at a WSU campus other than their home campus.

This is a good option for students who:

  • need to take all of their courses for a semester or two at a different WSU campus but plan to return to and graduate from their home campus
  • are close to graduating and need to take their final courses at a different WSU campus. Students using intercampus enrollment will graduate from their home campus.

Things to Consider Before Requesting Intercampus Enrollment

Check to make sure that the courses you need to take to fulfill your degree requirements are available at the requested WSU campus. 

You will continue to work with your academic advisor from your home campus to plan your course schedule.

If your request is approved you will be dropped from courses on your home campus

You will pay the tuition rate of your home campus based on your residency status—not the tuition of the requested WSU campus. Conversely, you will be charged the mandatory fees of your requested campus—not your home campus mandatory fees.

If you receive financial aid, you will maintain the financial aid package based on your home campus.

If you are a new student, you will attend the new student orientation provided by your home campus.

Intercampus enrollment requests are valid for a single semester; if you want to extend for an additional semester you must submit a new request.

Global Campus Intercampus Enrollment Request

Students who are considering Global Campus will want to ensure that they have the technical requirements and online learning skills to be successful taking online asynchronous courses.

Intercampus Enrollment requests for Global Campus will be reviewed beginning August 1.

 Go to the Intercampus Enrollment Form

Change of Campus

Change of Campus allows you to request a new home campus.

Change of Campus is a good option for students who have determined that a different WSU campus is a better fit for their academic goals. Students wishing to change their campus to Global Campus should have at least 30 credits left to complete to earn their degree—otherwise consider requesting intercampus enrollment to take online classes but remain affiliated with your home campus.

Things to Consider Before Requesting Change of Campus

Check that the degree you are pursuing is available at the WSU campus you want to change to and talk to your academic advisor about your plans.

You will pay the tuition and fees associated with your new home campus based on your residency status.

Campus specific scholarships are not transferable to a different WSU campus. Important Note on Financial Aid: Students should contact WSU Student Financial Services about possible financial aid ramifications before pursuing Change of Campus.  

You will work with an academic advisor on your new home campus.

Go to the Change of Campus Form

Summer and Winter Session

Students may enroll in summer courses at any WSU campus without restriction. Online winter session courses are also unrestricted and open to any continuing WSU student.