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  1. Groups for Merged courses do not have a way to remain in sync with enrollments. These would need to be manually created and managed. This can be problematic for courses that rely on teams/groups for access to content or other distribution of tools within the course space. This is an issue if course content or tools are assigned to be viewed only by specific groups. If a user changes sections, the group assignment (access to content) is not automatically updated.
  2. Merging co-enrolled sections (where a student is enrolled in both a lecture and a lab) can be problematic as the system identifies the enrollment by only the first course association it receives. Students will experience problems changing enrollments between sections, and the grade center for the course may not accurately represent enrollments. We are locating courses with this setup and working with instructors to correct it. This is the cause of most roster issues. At this time lecture and lab sections cannot be merged in Blackboard.
  3. Cengage integration uses http instead of https, which creates mixed content warnings/errors and may appear as if there is no content loading. Review the steps to work around this.
  4. Internet Explorer users may experience display issues when navigating Blackboard Learn. Adding to the list of trusted sites and removing, if present, from the list of compatibility view sites should resolve those issues.
  5. Blackboard Collaborate is unable to load PowerPoint presentations on Mac operating systems. The proposed workaround is to save the PowerPoint presentation as a collection of images that can then be loaded into Collaborate.
  6. Respondus integration is limited as the software does not support WSU authentication. Faculty must export/import quizzes to and from Blackboard when using Respondus. The Respondus export/import process does not properly reproduce some question types.
  7. Students are intermittently “kicked out” of quizzes. On a few occasions student were kicked out due to server issues/outages experienced by Blackboard. Many cases of have also been contributed to using the “Force Completion” test setting. It is recommended that the “Force Completion” option is used only for in person, proctor based exams taken on computers with a wired internet connection. View the Test and Survey Options page for more information on the “Force Completion” option and other test settings. The Force completion option may be selected by default when migrating assessments from angel to Learn. Faculty are encouraged to double check test settings, especially for tests migrated from angel, to ensure that the force completion option is not selected.
  8. When embedding flash or html content, such as StudyMate, users need to use the Insert Content Link option in the content editor instead of the embed option.
  9. Blackboard Learn does not have repositories therefore ANGEL repositories are migrated over as course spaces. Personal repositories are migrated to Learn using strange course IDs, often beginning with the term “USER” and ending with a random sequence of letters and numbers. Example: USER-c80c8e9c-50e9-4870-92d0-117dfe268b10. Personal repositories will be located under the continuous option in the Blackboard terms dropdown menu. If you wish to migrate a repository as a repository you will have to move it manually, exporting it to a common cartridge file and then migrating it into xpLor, the Blackboard repository tool. Be advised that xpLor works somewhat differently than Angel repositories and not all functionality will transfer, and permissions must be reconstructed.
  10. Tests with more than 50 questions are slow to load during instructor grading. This is primarily a problem with Internet Explorer but may occur in all web browsers. A workaround is to grade one question at a time. This problem can also affect students if the test contains a lot of short answer or essay questions (large multiple choice tests are not problematic) and set to display all questions at once. Large tests should be set to display one question at a time to improve page load times.
  11. Dropping a course editor from any section of a merged course space will remove them from all sections within the merged space. Reprocessing the enrollment assignments for the remaining sections in mywsu will re-enroll the individual into the merged course space.
  12. Submissions to surveys migrated form ANGEL cannot be downloaded and students may receive a score even though surveys in Blackboard are not graded. Once a survey has been migrated from ANGEL to Blackboard the workaround is to copy the migrated survey and then delete the original copy. One can copy a survey by visiting the Tests, Surveys, and Pools section of the course space located under the Course Tools menu.
  13. Students can edit the title and description of group discussion forums. Students have this capability regardless of how the group discussion boards are configured. Students will sometimes edit the title and description of a group forum under the impression they are submitting a new post. This is an issue with group discussion boards and does not impact course wide discussion boards.
  14. Alerts points are not visible within the risk table of the student retention center. Alert points are generated but not visible from the retention center table. Alerts can be viewed by selecting the cell containing the alert or by selecting the student’s name.
  15. Drag and drop functionality across Blackboard behaves inconsistently and, at times, freezes, preventing course editors from dragging content. The workaround is to rearrange course content using the keyboard accessible reordering tool instead of through the drag and drop functionality:
  16. The vertical scroll bar for the grade center is not displayed at smaller resolutions or if the window screen is zoomed in. Users can still scroll up and down the grade center using the mouse wheel but the scroll bar is not be displayed at smaller resolutions.
  17. When embedding content in discussion board posts, course editors need to grant students access to the embedded content by managing course file permissions. Otherwise, the embedded content will not be accessible to students.
  18. Successfully completed Achievements are not displayed in the content area when the Achievements option “Visible to students before receiving” is disabled. Enabling the “Visible to students before receiving” option on achievements will resolve this issue.
  19. Dropped students that have participated in discussion forums prior to dropping the course are marked with the discussion board manager icon. Dropped students are marked as managers in discussion boards but do not actually receive the manager role as dropped students no longer have access to the course space or discussion forums.
  20. New Box View comments vanish if clicked outside the comment box during creation. 
  21. Box View does not allow annotation text manipulation. Once posted, a comment cannot be modified. Instead, the original comment must be deleted and a new one created. 
  22. Student submissions to Self and Peer Assessments may appear blank even though the system indicates that submission has been made. This is because the system is failing to save direct responses written and submitted in the response text box. The system has no problems accepting and saving files attached to the submission.
    Screenshot: Self Peer Assessment edit screen crossed out in red, attach file area marked with green outline.
    Until this problem is resolved, students need to submit all Self and Peer Assessment answers as attached Word documents. This problem does not impact normal assessments, only Self and Peer Assessments are unable to save direct responses.

Please contact for more information or assistance in implementing workarounds for any of the above known issues.

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