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Morgan AtwoodPresident

Major: Social Sciences – Criminal Justice & Human Development
Expected Graduation: Spring 2020
Current City: Vancouver, Washington

Hello! My name is Morgan Atwood, and this is my second year on ASWSUG. Last year, I was the Global Cougar Success Program Manager and then Director of Legislative Affairs. I am currently pursuing a degree in criminal justice and human development.

In my free time, I enjoy cuddling with my dogs and watching Netflix. I also love all things coffee! After receiving my degree, I have plans to work in the criminal justice system and hopefully continue my education towards a law degree!

Photo: Kasey Broadbent.Kasey Broadbent, Vice President

Major: Social Sciences – Anthropology & Sociology
Expected Graduation: Fall 2021
Current City: Goldendale, Washington

My name is Kasey Broadbent, and this is my second year at WSU and my first term on Senate. I am a transfer student from Columbia Gorge Community College, where I earned an Associate of Science and an Associate of General Studies.

I work in the Social Services field, and I believe in making the world a better place than we found it! I have two kiddos, three dogs, and two cats. My spare time usually involves family and the outdoors. I hope to continue my education with a graduate degree through WSU after earning my undergraduate degree in 2021. Go Cougs!

Photo: Brittany Gilman.Brittany Gilman, Treasurer

Major: Business Administration
Expected Graduation: 
Fall 2020
Current City: 
Olympia, Washington

Hello! My name is Brittany Gilman. This is my second year here at WSU. I am a senior and I’m set to graduate Fall 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a minor in human resources. I plan to continue attending WSU after graduation so I can obtain my MBA.

I decided to join student government because I wanted to meet and work with other students, give a voice to students and give back to my college. I want to make the WSU Global Campus experience the best one possible for students.

Photo: Sheridan Ingalls.Sheridan Ingalls, Director of Legislative Affairs

Major: Social Sciences – Criminal Justice & Human Development
Expected Graduation: Spring 2020
Current City: Vancouver, Washington

Hello! My name is Sheridan Ingalls. I moved from Alaska to Vancouver, Washington to pursue my higher education. I got my Associate’s at Clark College and I am pursuing my BA in Social Sciences with a minor in Political Science. My hobbies are watching Parks & Recreation, dogs and birds, spending time with my significant other, drinking caffeine, and organizing and analyzing things.

I spent my first year at WSU as a Senator and the Global Cougar Success Program Manager. This year, I take over the Director of Legislative Affairs role. One of my biggest passions is to advocate for students and be sure that policies are followed. I enjoy being a leader with ASWSUG and will continue to follow the Washington State Legislature as well as local government and WSU administration to promote a better environment for Global Campus students and their learning experience.

Photo: Dominique Maxcy.Dominique Maxcy, Chief Justice, Judicial Committee

Major: Criminal Justice
Expected Graduation: 
May 2020
Current City: 
Virginia Beach, VA

Hi! My name is Dominique Maxcy and I am currently serving my second term as Chief Justice of ASWSUG’s Judicial Committee. I started at WSU in Fall 2018 and came in as a transfer student. I have always been fascinated with crime and chose Criminal Justice as my major. After graduation, I will be completing a Master’s degree in Accounting with the goal of becoming a forensic accountant.

I am a Virginia native, but found myself in Washington after needing a change of pace. Although it was a difficult transition, making the move was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am very grateful that my path led me to WSU. Now that I am back on the East Coast, I am still able to continue my education and be actively involved with other students. When I’m not studying, I am working full time in banking operations. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, cruises, couponing, and cooking. I am looking forward to graduating and all of the opportunities it will bring.

Photo: Cynthia Ocegueda.Cynthia Ocegueda, Student Resources Chair

Major: Economics
Expected Graduation: 
Summer 2020
Current City: 
Spokane, Washington

My name is Cynthia Ocegueda and I am in my last year as an undergraduate in WSU Global’s Economics program, with a focus in Management. I restarted my academic career as a Global student at WSU in 2017 after a lengthy break in which I was a single mother and the sole supporter of my children. My background is in non-profit work and local government administration. I’m excited to serve on ASWSUG this term. My goal is to ensure students are receiving the resources and support they need to thrive as online learners.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and our beautiful, blended family. We like hiking, traveling, and experiencing new things. After graduation this Spring, I plan to attend graduate school to earn a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Photo: Katelyn Rinker.Katelyn Rinker, Secretary

Major: Psychology
Expected Graduation: 
Spring 2020
Current City: 
East Wenatchee, Washington

My name is Katelyn Rinker and I am a senior at WSU. I transferred from Walla Walla Community College, which is where I earned an Associates of Arts degree and my nursing assistant certification. Working in the nursing field gave me the opportunity to care for patients with either psychological, neurological, developmental, and medical conditions. This experience motivated me to go to WSU to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. I plan to further my education after I graduate by working on a Master’s in Behavioral Health and eventually a PhD in Psychology.

I joined the senate at ASWSU because I want to be more involved with my university. I enjoy meeting new people, writing long essays, working with others on team projects, and organizing events. WSU has already given me the opportunity to participate in student government, learn from my psychology classes, and gather the respected insights of my professors. So I hope to give back to our university by working with the creative students at ASWSU, collaborating new ideas at senate meetings, learning from others, and building upon traditions like Coug Day at the Capital. I look forward to helping out with events and playing my role in maintaining WSU’s prestigious reputation as the best college in the state!

Photo: Gina Vasquez.Gina Vasquez, Student Involvement Chair

Major: Humanities 
Expected Graduation: 
Spring 2021
Current City: 
Tri-Cities, Washington

Hi! My name is Gina Vasquez and I’m proud to be serving my WSU global cougs as a senator. Fall semester 2019 has been my first semester as a coug, I transferred from my local community college in Tri-Cities, WA with an AA. I’m currently pursuing a degree in anthropology. I’ve had a passion for learning and brining people together before becoming a senator, so doing this is something that truly makes my college experience more valuable.

Being a Washington native, I love spending time outside and try to get away for a hike or to the west-side whenever I can. But, when I can’t I like to wind down with a good book or movie with my friends and cat. Other hobbies include journaling, vacationing planning, making aesthetically-pleasing planners, and spending time with those I care about.

Photo: Skyler Vinsonhaler.Skyler Vinsonhaler

Major: Social Sciences
Graduation: Spring 2020
Current City: Vancouver, Washington