Transfer Student

Students with academic credit from other colleges and universities will find WSU Global Campus a top choice for continuing their education and completing their degree. We focus on maximizing your transfer credit whether your goal is to complete a degree as quickly as possible or to pursue an area of study completely new to you.

Many students work full- or part-time while attending WSU Global Campus. Financial aid and scholarships are available for transfer students.

If you haven’t already, review our degree offerings and reach out if you have questions about WSU Global Campus or the admission process. Our admissions counselors are here to help you.

Who is Considered a Transfer Student

If you have never enrolled on any WSU campus, and have attended college since graduating from high school (not including the summer immediately following high school graduation), then you are considered a “transfer student.”


We require a minimum of a 2.50 transfer GPA and at least 27 semester (40 quarter) hours of transferable credits. If your transfer GPA is less than a 2.50, then we may request additional material from you.

How to Apply

What Happens Next?

  • WSU’s Office of Admissions will review your application materials and determine the number of transferable credits, if any.
  • Once a decision has been made regarding your application, we will notify you.

Note: If you have already finished your bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree, go to your desired graduate program page for program-specific application requirements.