Where have we been?

Since 1890, WSU has been working to fulfill its land-grant mission and provide top-tier higher education to students in Washington State. In 1992, WSU became an innovator in distance learning, becoming one of the first state universities in the nation to expand its reach around the world. Today, Global Campus is delivering that same world-class education directly into students’ homes through cutting-edge academic technology.

The timeline below lays out the history of WSU Global Campus and the many milestones that led up to the 30-year anniversary we are celebrating today.

WSU Global Campus Timeline

WSU Global Campus is a national leader in online learning, offering 21 undergraduate degrees and 13 graduate degrees

  • 2022—Global Campus celebrates 30th anniversary
  • 2021—Global Campus holds first dedicated commencement for Global Campus students
  • 2020—Global Connections holds virtual tailgating events for WSU football games
  • 2019—WSU appoints first Global Campus chancellor
  • 2015—Global Campus establishes Excellence in Online Teaching Award
  • 2012—Global Campus creates Global Connections to provide virtual extracurricular programs for Global Campus students
  • 2012—Global Campus becomes WSU’s fifth campus
  • 2010—WSU accepts online freshmen
  • 2006—WSU Distance Degree Programs goes fully online
  • 1998— WSU creates distance student government (now ASWSU Global)
  • 1997— WSU offers first online course
  • 1992— WSU offers distance degree completion programs