Global Campus Legends

Brenda Carlson

“After graduating with an AA, I wanted to also get my BA. WSU Extended Degree Programs (EDP)—later changed to Distance Degree Programs (DDP)—was the solution for me with a young family and work. I loved the classes and the options available. My counselor Bobbi was wonderful and so helpful at getting the classes I needed…” | Read more from Brenda Carlson

Pam Loughlin

“Global Campus was called the DDP (Distance Degree Programs) when I started to attend in Spring 1997. I was 40 years old, working full-time in a field that no longer interested me. So, with the full support of my husband, an educator, I returned to college—this time to earn my bachelor’s degree…” | Read more from Pam Loughlin

Lynn Strub

“I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the WSU Pullman campus in 2006, but after advancing to a technical lead as a software developer with The Boeing Company I was looking to move into a people management position. The Master’s of Engineering and Technology Management program seemed like the perfect match for adding some depth of business acumen to my technical background…” | Read more from Lynn Strub

Gabrielle Andino

“Thank you to all the amazing WSU instructors and staff that took the time to communicate with me by email and by phone because I had a lot of questions throughout my time here! I had initially looked into getting my four-year degree at a local WSU campus, but the class times offered did not align with my work schedule, and I felt as if I would never be able to pursue my degree…” | Read more from Gabrielle Andino

Darien Smith

“I was a first-generation college student. I paid my way through community college while working full-time. While I planned on transferring to the WSU Vancouver campus, my heart had other plans. I moved to North Carolina to marry my boyfriend in the military at Camp Lejeune…” | Read more from Darien Smith

Andrew Zander

“When I chose to pursue higher education, I was active-duty military and not able to relocate to a city that had a four-year college or university. WSU was one of the few universities that embraced distance education and truly cared about the online educational experience. They offered a level of connection that other educational institutions overlooked—a sense of community…” | Read more from Andrew Zander

Nicole Wilkerson

“My global campus degree program was a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My experience was amazing. I had a lot of great support from my professors and academic coaches. Anything I had a question about, my professors would always reply quickly and were ready to help me grow and succeed…” | Read more from Nicole Wilkerson

Kevin Madden

“I am forever grateful for this platform that allowed me to enroll in such a highly recognized and respected institution of learning. The extensive and diverse course catalog caused WSU to stand above the rest of the available online options. As a result of finishing my degree—taking a rather “scenic route” to do so—I secured a promotion at work…” | Read more from Kevin Madden

Karen Whalen

I had gone to college after high school, starting in Fall 1979. I kept changing my major and after 195 credits and no degree, I faded out of school and into married life. In 1997, life changed again and I was entering a new, unanticipated phase…” | Read more from Karen Whalen

Joseph Cicero

“I began WSU’s Online MBA program in 2019 after completing my first year at Microsoft as a technical seller on the Microsoft Education team. I had a Master’s in Education, but WSU was my first formal education in business. After the first couple of classes, I awakened a new passion and began using the language of business – value creation…” | Read more from Joseph Cicero