Shasta Pettijohn

Our “Global Campus Legends” series celebrates the 30th anniversary of WSU Global Campus by putting a spotlight on the unique experiences and journeys of Global Campus students throughout the years. Each legend features a quote from student who graduated from Global Campus since it was founded as WSU Extended Degree Programs in 1992. 

“Having completed my AA degree at community colleges in California, I planned to continue and get my bachelor’s degree. However, life changes, and I moved to northeastern Washington to homestead and start a family.

When my two children were aged one and three, I decided it was time to go back to school. I lived two hours from the nearest college campus and wasn’t willing to give up time with my children to commute. My grandfather, a retired geology professor with Johns Hopkins University, suggested I try correspondence courses.

My search led me to WSU’s Extended Degree Program (EDP), which was just starting in 1992. Viewing videotaped lectures at home, I was able to rewind to take notes to study. I used mail to send my assignments to my instructors and used a toll free 800 number to leave messages for the instructors or fellow students.

I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity. EDP was the only way I would have been able to complete my degree in a timely manner. It also gave me a connection to the academic world while I was homebound with an infant and toddler. It also connected me with my community as I was required to do in-person projects with community members related to rural sociology. My WSU advisor was supportive and sent me swag to help me feel connected to the university.

EDP expanded my horizons, helped me develop critical thinking skills, and led to a career as an instructor at a Washington State technical college. I attended graduation on campus with my family. This was a triumphant moment for me!”

-Shasta Pettijohn, ‘96

Shasta Pettijohn