Tim Bridgham

Our “Global Campus Legends” series celebrates the 30th anniversary of WSU Global Campus by putting a spotlight on the unique experiences and journeys of Global Campus students throughout the years. Each legend features a quote from student who graduated from Global Campus since it was founded as WSU Extended Degree Programs in 1992.   

“For some, figuring out exactly what you want to do with your life can be a challenge and can take some time. In August of 2013, I found myself in the situation where I finally figured out what I wanted to do, be a User Experience Researcher—but now I needed to take the steps to pursue my goal. Finishing my undergrad was one big hurdle that I needed to overcome. WSU’s Global Campus was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal, because it offered me the flexibility to continue living and working in Seattle while crafting a degree which would support my goal.

I remember how welcoming the admissions folks and my counselor were. They were excited to have me as a Coug and did everything they could do to help set me up for success. This was the complete opposite feeling I got from a local university that I looked into finishing my degree at.

In 2017, after two years of online classes, I drove across the state with my super supportive wife and attended my graduation ceremony. It felt incredible to finally check that step off! I started my undergrad journey way back in 2001 and never finishing my undergraduate degree had always weighed on me. After graduating, I was able to get into University of Washington’s User Centered Design graduate certificate program and upon completion of that, I landed that long-awaited user experience researcher role.”

-Tim Bridgham, ‘17

Tim Bridgham, left, and his wife