Darien Smith

Our “Global Campus Legends” series celebrates the 30th anniversary of WSU Global Campus by putting a spotlight on the unique experiences and journeys of Global Campus students throughout the years. Each legend features a quote from student who graduated from Global Campus since it was founded as WSU Extended Degree Programs in 1992.   

“I was a first-generation college student. I paid my way through community college while working full-time. While I planned on transferring to the WSU Vancouver campus, my heart had other plans. I moved to North Carolina to marry my boyfriend in the military at Camp Lejeune. A small courthouse ceremony later, I was officially a military spouse. My husband deployed to Afghanistan shortly thereafter.

After deployment we decided to start a family, and our beautiful daughter Audrey was born. Becoming a mom was amazing but also terrifying. I realized that if anything happened to my husband, I had no way to financially support my daughter. I looked into WSU Global Campus and started my bachelor’s degree in Human Development. I remember breastfeeding Audrey while typing papers and writing discussion posts. It was not easy, but I did it.

Looking back, it all worked out exactly how it was supposed to. My husband and I faced many challenges, and those challenges brought me to social work. I am passionate about working with veterans and am working towards a career in clinical social work to help veterans and their families. I am so thankful for the Global Campus, and the amazing professors and advisors along the way who supported me in my journey.”

-Darien Smith, ‘17

Darien Smith