Virtual Internships with the Federal Government

Success. Go get it.

If you’re a student interested in a virtual internship with the federal government, it’s time to #ApplyinJuly, and this year the process has been improved. Students can view internships and apply all in one place: USAJOB’s Open Opportunities VSFS Community.

New features that applicants have requested include:

  • Real-time applicant tally for each internship
  • Individual text box for each statement of interest, so applicants have more space to address each internship
  • The option to upload an existing résumé rather than having to use the USAJOBS résumé builder
  • The option to use a different, customized résumé for each internship
  • A status dashboard to review application materials
  • Each of the 600+ internships has an applicant cap of 300

Here are the simplified instructions:

  1. Click “Join community” to create a account and Open Opps profile
  2. Click “View internships”
  3. Apply for up to three internships through July 28

Apply through Thursday, July 28

For more information and to apply for these opportunities, visit the Virtual Student Federal Service website.