Begin Your Journey to Better Work-Life Balance

Success. Go get it.

Remember when you could do everything you wanted to do while doing everything you needed to do? Neither does anyone else. Gone are the simpler days when work was a 40-hour-per-week idea, there weren’t distractions, you weren’t reachable 24×7, and you didn’t have more to do than the time available. It is possible to have a work-life balance in today’s complicated, competitive, and ever-changing world if you understand what is and isn’t. 

In this highly interactive and reflective workshop, you will learn:

  • the history of work-life balance and why most people don’t seem to have it
  • how time, priorities, and other people impact balance
  • how to shift your mindset to a more holistic way of thinking
  • tactics and strategies to deal with difficulties and stresses of being more balanced
  • the benefits that balance can bring to your team and your company

About Your Facilitator

John Walsh is a senior executive, author, podcast host, adjunct professor, marathoner, husband, and father. John spent more than 20+ years learning about, practicing, failing, and improving his work-life balance and has helped many others achieve better balance as a successful leader in world-class companies like Disney, Madison Square Garden, and Voss Walter. John’s journey to a more balanced life started as a homeless kid in high school. Through many of these same lessons, John turned his life around, graduated with honors from University of Virginia, got an MBA from the University of Florida, built a magical career at Disney, and is enjoying his current role as the CFO of Voss Walter. He now lives a more balanced life with his wife and five children (three kids and two mixed-breed Labradors). 

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Tuesday, June 21 at 9:00 am PT

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