Hi, Cougs!

I’m Ramona Pekelo and I have been a Virtual Mentor since graduating from Global Campus in 2014. With the switch from on-campus classes to online learning, we have more students who are new to Blackboard. You may find yourself struggling to find your way around our virtual learning environment. I’m here to offer you some basic navigation tips.

When you log into Blackboard, in the center of the main page you will see a list of all your courses for the semester.

Selecting a class will take you to the course’s Home page.

The home page has information for First Timers and Tips for Success.  It also contains your navigation menu on the left side-bar.

Your next best step is to read the Syllabus, which lists essential class information—instructor contact info, required textbooks, course work and expectations, grading policy, etc. You will also find WSU resources and policies.

Once you’ve read the syllabus, I recommend heading over to the Class Discussions area. If your course has a Virtual Mentor, you will find the Virtual Mentor Forum here. You will find information to get you started each semester, more tips for navigating Blackboard and using its features. VMs will also post information on Global Campus events and resources.

Another key forum is the Questions for the Instructor. This forum is the best place to ask questions about course content. If you have a question, chances are other students do, too! I’ve seen students thank another for asking “that” question. It feels great to share the answer with your classmates and it helps build a stronger online community!

Note: While most classes have these forums, not all do. If your course doesn’t have a Questions for Instructor or Announcements from Instructor forum, check the syllabus to see how your instructor prefers to communicate with you.

Based on FAQs from students, I want to point out links where you will find key information, such as Announcements from your instructor, assignment due dates, WSU Global Campus resources, grades, etc.

The Course Dashboard is where you will find Class Announcements along with other items such as how many unread discussion board posts you have.

The Course Schedule lists your assignments and their due dates. 

Selecting Course Information will bring up a menu with links to Tech Support, Tips on using Blackboard tools, Student Resources, and Course Evaluations.              

In some courses, you will find [eReserve] listed after a reading assignment. Selecting on Leganto will bring you to an Essential Reading List for the class. These are your [eReserve] readings.

My Grades will bring up a list of all your assignments. It shows dues dates, when it was submitted, what your grade is, and more.

Course Tools contains links to access course learning tools—Panopto, Pearson’s MyLab, McGraw-Hill, Zoom Meeting, etc. Under Send Email and Course Messages, you will find a list of all the other students in your class, making it easier to send a message.       

If you are brand new to Blackboard, I encourage you to begin your online journey by viewing the Blackboard Learn Videos for Students. Most of them are short—just a few minutes each. You can learn about Blackboard’s basic features and navigation by starting with the videos under “Working in Your Course.”

Text Help is also available. You can access this information from your course space via the left sidebar menu. Scroll to the bottom to locate Bb Help and select Text Help.

Welcome to WSU Global Campus and Online learning!