WSU Global Campus’ brand new esports team is looking for students to represent WSU in exciting virtual esports competitions. The team needs competitive and driven Global Campus students taking at least 6 credits per semester and maintaining a GPA of at least 2.0. Participants will be competing against other colleges and universities in the multiplayer game League of Legends. The team may expand to more game titles, depending on the level of interest.

Interested in taking part in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to represent WSU in online esporting? Meet esports coach James (Hops) Hoplin during the WSU Global Campus Week of Welcome Student Involvement Panel on Thursday, August 20 at 7:00 PM (PT) to learn more about the team. Register on the event’s registration page

Interested students can also take part in the WSU Esports conversation by joining the WSU Global Esports Discord Server