As a current student and Virtual Mentor here at WSU, I wanted to share some information about Proctorio, WSU’s current proctoring service. Proctorio has some great features that have made my test taking process much easier and less stressful this semester.

For starters, with Proctorio, there is no scheduling in advance. This means students can take their exam at any time during the dates their instructor has indicated. This is a real bonus! I was thrilled that this was an option, as I was able to take my exam when it was most convenient for me, rather than needing to fit my schedule around my exam. This lessened some time stresses I have experienced in the past with a scheduled exam looming over my head. I felt I could focus more energy on taking my time while studying.

Another great aspect of Proctorio is that I was able to download the extension to my Chrome browser and start my exam very quickly. There are ID and system checks with Proctorio, but they were quick and easy to complete. This meant I was able to start my exam much sooner and was able to move on with the rest of my day.

Here is the link to the webpage with more information about Proctorio, including technology requirements, pre-exam information, and how to start your exam:

WSU Information Regarding Proctorio

Happy testing!

Stefanie Lehman, WSU Global Campus Virtual Mentor