GoinGlobal is an international job-seeking tool, which all WSU students can access, and the goal of GoinGlobal is to help clarify cultural norms in job searches, application materials, interviews, networking behavior, and also hosts a robust database of employers in different countries looking for international applicants.

Additionally, for international students interested in pursuing employment in compliance with their Visa status, it provides a helpful city database for H1B work permit applications to help clarify potential employers that are likely to be experienced in hiring international applicants.

Join WSU Career Coach, Harrison Hughes, for an information session on the uses of GoinGlobal for international job searches on September 19 and 23 via Zoom video conferencing.

More GoinGlobal information here.

No need to register, just use the webinar invitations below.

Thursday, September 19: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/255720342

Monday, September 23: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/508606150