Photo of Ruth Wilson, WSU Virtual MentorHey everybody! I’m Ruth Wilson, one of WSU Global’s Virtual Mentors.

Although I attended seven colleges and universities throughout my college career, I’m proud to have graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with minors in history and psychology. My experience at WSU Global Campus was my favorite. I really enjoyed studying from home and receiving helpful support from virtual mentors in my courses.

As a virtual mentor, I seek to “pay it forward,” assisting students in navigating Blackboard and sharing tips, with the hope that they too will have an experience as great as mine.  Today, I’d like to share a tip for attaching files in a Blackboard discussion post.  

First, please note that if you go to “Attachments” at the bottom of your post, Blackboard will only let you attach one file. 

How to attach multiple files:

  1. Select the ‘paperclip’ icon in the toolbar. Graphic showing location or paperclip icon in toolbar
  2. Browse for your first file, select and upload, then press submit.
  3. Here’s the key: When you see the screen with your file attached, press ‘enter.’ This will allow you to do the process again and select another file. You can keep adding files. 
  4. When you are done adding files, simply press submit (or save as draft to review your post, then click on edit & submit).

I hope that tip helps, and if you every need more assistance, don’t hesitate to ask me or one of the other virtual mentors!

 A little more about me:

Besides being a virtual mentor, my day (and night!) job is being an online English teacher. I teach English to ESL students from all over the world, particularly China and Brazil.

I live in the beautiful state of Washington and love hiking and exploring new places. Our kitty, Lilly (now seventeen going on eighteen!), is the love our lives. I also enjoy cooking and experimenting with new dishes. 

Travel is another passion of mine. It’s intriguing to meet new people and learn about their cultures.  So far, I have traveled in Italy and to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In Italy, I loved visiting the famous sites, my my favorite thing was to mingle with the people. For example, during rush hour in Florence, I encountered a group of singers standing in front of their church on a narrow cobblestone street. They invited me to join in singing while the beautiful late afternoon bells were ringing. I didn’t know what I was singing, as the words were all in Italian, but it was great!

One thing I would like to share about Dubai is the famous Ibn Battuta Mall. Ibn Battuta was a 14th century explorer and scholar from Morocco who traveled throughout the old world. The mall is literally a large museum that happens to be a shopping mall at the same time. It features all seven places Ibn explored, which are done up on a grand scale, complete with famous paintings, sculptures and mosaics. It’s really unique, and I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area.


Ruth Wilson

WSU Global Virtual Mentor