""Do you ever wish that you could connect more with fellow Global Campus students in your courses? Have you had a question about how to do something in your online course space, but didn’t know who to ask? A Virtual Mentor may be able to help you out!

Virtual Mentors (VMs) are all current and former Global Campus students, enrolled in Global Campus courses each semester to help you get the most out of your online learning experience. Virtual Mentors aren’t teaching assistants—so they can’t answer your questions about course content—but they can assist you in a lot of other ways. They can help you learn how to easily navigate Blackboard, show you how to personalize your profile and set up subscriptions, guide you to WSU resources, and more!

WSU started the virtual mentor program in 2003 with nine mentors. In 2010, the program won a first-place innovation award from the Center for Transforming Student Services. There are now 18 mentors in over 100 online courses.

You can find VMs in the dedicated Virtual Mentor Forum in courses which they’re enrolled. In the Virtual Mentor Forum, you can post requests for help, read the tips, and explore the resources that your VM has added to the forum. If you have a few minutes, go to the Global Connections Video Vault for some quick tips two Virtual Mentors provided in their Oct. 2016 webinar.  

So if you’re feeling isolated, lost, or frustrated in your course space, reach out! Virtual Mentors are are familiar with the problems you’re experiencing and are eager to help.